Energy capsules and Food capsules drive the economy. And they are doled out to citizens based on your contribution to the dictator-run industries. The more you enhance the regime, the more capsules are delivered to your home for that month.

Food capsules

The public availability of food is no longer. While the rich and powerful may still enjoy a fine steak, the majority of the public are reduced to Food Capsules, delivered in the form of sludge. Disgusting, but nutrients… and everyone still needs to eat.

Energy capsules

If you choose to get paid in Energy capsules, they can be used in multiple ways. They can power your home to keep your family warm, or they can recharge your piece of gear that help to keep you alive. However, if you want a chance at a bigger payout, you may have to decide to try your luck at one of the the main sources of entertainment in Dolor: The Fight Arenas. FIGHT


A tiered system of gladiator-like combat, set in arenas scattered across the country. Beginners looking for extra money must start out in the lower-tiers, where combatants fight without armour. At this stage, fights are not to the death, but the payout is small and the spectators are few. As you move through the tiers, however, a single win could mean security for your family, but it comes with its risks. In the higher-tiered arenas, armour comes into play. Different armour and weapons contain different energy sources that can provide a timely burst of strength or speed. But use up your bursts too fast and you could end up immobile, which means certain death.


A secret kept close to the chest. It’s no mystery that the main government base houses the hub for the regime’s energy stores. Everything is derived from a central location. The why’s and the how’s are hidden deep within the guts of the base, with few people allowed access or intel. But the rumours of a rip in space and time have been undeniably floating around the streets. With such a thing possible, it stands to reason that the government is doing whatever they can to protect its secrets and the extent of their control. If these powerful men have dominion over more than just present day, there’s no telling how far their reach could extend. But, everyone will soon figure out that when dealing with time… there are rules, there are limitations, and there are costly mistakes.

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