As residents of a diverse world, we are inspired by stories, captivated by art, mesmerised by bold ambition, and united by a common goal…

To be the point of convergence between reality and the Metaverse.

Our mission is to immerse the public into an expansive and story-driven Metaverse through art, comics, and mobile gaming. As we celebrate human history, and culture, we use well-loved and popular entertainment mediums to attract, educate & transition the general public into Web3.

Join us in entering EXEVerse.
It’s going to be a revolutionary installation.


An Action-Packed Time-Travel MangaLAUNCHED

Intertwining elements of NFTs, Blockchain and Web3 into the fabric of our storytelling, join us as we revisit history’s most iconic and culturally defining eras with exciting action, electrifying powers & heart-wrenching moments.

Program-2: Game.EXE

EXEVerse Mobile Games

Different genres featuring the story’s characters and world. In-game items will be purchasable using cryptocurrencies or traditional currencies to be more open to the public player base and increase revenue opportunities.

Program-3: Web3-Marketplace.EXE

Community-Owned MarketplaceLAUNCHED

Our community-owned marketplace for EXE NFT collectibles, physical merchandise, first edition chapters, volumes and more! NFT owners can submit ideas and products to be approved by the EXE community DAO to be official merchandise.

Fan Art




Phone cases

Manga Volumes

Program-4: Portal.EXE


A dedicated NFT owner portal that allows NFT owners to receive rewards, keep track of their earnings from all channels and vote as a DAO member on important governance decisions.


EXEVerse’s FREE MINT Sub-Collection.

Discounts up to 50% for matching characters & products!
  • If your NFT features Danziq = you get to enjoy Huge discounts on Danziq products!
Weekly Raffle to win FREE EXEVerse Premium Products!
  • Owning a EXE Radiance NFT grants you special access in our Discord and enter a weekly raffle to win FREE Merch!
Automatic Whitelist to Future MINT events!
  • Owning EXE Radiance means you have automatic whitelist to future EXEVerse Mints!



The 10,000 Character Genesis NFT collection features exclusive characters from the story. Each Character NFT is defined and represented by traits unique to the 10 different eras within the EXEVerse.

  • Ownership unlocks exclusive benefits in gaming ecosystem
  • Ownership unlocks ‘ruler’ earnings potential in gaming ecosystem
  • Ownership provides access to EXEVerse DAO
  • Membership in EXEVerse DAO receives profit sharing rewards from Treasury
  • Membership in EXEVerse DAO enables voting rights to products in EXEVerse Shop
  • Treasury includes all earnings from Games, EXEVerse Shop & Other Future Web3 Products
  • Ownership grants automatic whitelist spot for future drops ($token sale and airdrops)


Full Reveal of Team & NFTs soon

The Author

The Molder

The Senior Artist

The Senior Illustrator

The Marketer

The Moderator

The Gaming Expert

The Prologue

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Not just another NFT project.

Although important, the NFT community is just a small segment of the larger crypto and gaming community. While other projects only focus their efforts on NFT enthusiasts, we strongly believe that being a public-first NFT project means being inclusive of everyone in the wider world, and not gatekeeping the metaverse from the public. This is what has driven us to create what we believe will be the public’s first step into the metaverse, where we will use concepts of NFTs, blockchain and Web3 to explore and educate on real life themes.

Generating revenue outside the NFT/Cryptocurrency market.

We understand the NFT/Crypto market is volatile. We do not want to rely solely on NFTs as a trade-able asset to generate revenue and grow the project. Hence we do not restrict ourselves with NFT offerings but create immediate products that the general public can buy, enjoy and experience. 

#1 Merchandise Store
Our online merchandise store is already live and running and the public can purchase products using cryptocurrency or traditional currencies.

#2 Mobile Games
Our games are not cryptocurrency-exclusive, P2E games that the general public has yet to fully embrace. They are conventional, fun and competitive games that allow purchase of in-game items to be done in traditional currencies. Players can unlock P2E and use cryptocurrencies if they so wish.

By not relying solely on NFT sales and royalties, we can target other markets such as mobile games, physical product sales to generate revenue for the project’s growth and provide value back to you, our NFT holders.

How we plan to use the funds.

EXEVerse is not an infant NFT project that is starting from scratch. We have our online store and products ready and available for purchase; our mobile games ready to be monetised, and our manga ready to be published. We will use the money raised from the NFT sale to grow our team further, increase our marketing budget and grow EXEVerse exponentially.

EXEVerse will continue our mission regardless of the NFT market, Crypto-winter or our NFTs selling out. Even though the progress might be slower, we will march forward regardless, and we want you to join us in this difficult but exciting journey.

How we plan to achieve our Vision.

Every great story has a lesson, and the stories embedded within the EXEVerse are no exception. With a vision of exploring real life themes to educate the wider community on the potential of NFTs, blockchain and Web3, we’re committed to using story-driven mediums to provide an informative and immersive experience into the Metaverse. Achieving this will be no simple feat, but nothing worth building ever was. EXEVerse is here for the long run, with each story told gradually building toward a vast and expansive Metaverse.

The Programs of EXEVerse.

We decided that if we wanted to do this, we had to do it right. While many NFT projects fizzle out after the mint due to the lack of substantial progress to back up the initial hype, if we wanted to attract the public to the Metaverse, we had to make it our mission to ensure that EXEVerse was able to offer longevity for our community. Which is why we crafted Programs that we’re confident the community will love, and immerse themselves in.

Program 1 – A monthly serialized manga written and drawn by veteran storytellers and artists.

Program 2 – A PVP game geared towards mobile, the biggest gaming market in the world.

Other NFT projects have often promised much, but failed to back it up. Not us. Prototypes of all our Programs are ready to launch and publish within months of mint, because we believe that if we want to elevate EXEVerse to a status that is recognized by the mainstream public, we have to be prepared now, not later.

Another Game doomed to fail?

Many NFT projects fall short because they try to create the next big AAA game title. Here’s why:

1. Limiting their target audience

Releasing a AAA game targets only a small subset of the gaming community. This subset would have to firstly own a powerful enough gaming setup to be able to run AAA games, but also be willing to engage in an NFT game.

2. Blockchain technology progresses faster than a AAA game development.

While AAA games may be popular, the time required for development and gameplay release of these titles makes them vulnerable to being left behind in the wider context of a fast moving gaming landscape compared to the rapid progression and potential of technology surrounding NFTs, blockchain and Web3.

3. Not every NFT owner wants to play a game.

Most NFT owners simply enjoy investing and collecting, which is why it’s so important to consider the wants of the wider community.

EXEVerse considers all of the above, with a PVP mobile game for the NFT enthusiasts, and revolutionary in-game map NFT ownership for community members. The opportunities are endless. Join our Discord to learn more.

How we tackle the stigma of NFT games.

Corporations have unfortunately leveraged NFTs in a way that has resulted in a social stigma surrounding NFTs in the traditional gaming community. Instead of trying to convince traditional gamers to accept NFTs within the gaming space, we aim to target the largest gaming community in the world, mobile gamers. We’ve done our research, and this community prioritizes fun, exciting, and addicting games with low barriers to entry. EXEVerse delivers that tenfold.

The best part for our gaming community is that we give players the option to play casually for fun, or get a little competitive to try and win extra benefits by playing it as a NFT game.

There really is something for everyone, and so much more. Want to find out? Say hello in our Discord.

Who leads the EXEVerse.

We are a team of passionate gamers, artists, storytellers and developers that have come together from all corners of the world because of one thing, our shared belief in the Mission of EXEVerse.

Join our community and be the first to enter EXEVerse.